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Agency Work

At Oscar Charlie Medical and Rescue, we have the connections available to offer agency work within the medical industry. With the experience and resources within our team, we can ensure that we place the right people, into the right positions, at the right time. If you are a FREC 4, Technician or Paramedic currently working in the medical industry, with the capacity, qualifications and relevant experience - we would like to discuss further the range of roles and positions we have on offer. 

To begin the process of becoming part of our team, all we ask is that you fill out the contact form below. We would like to know a little bit about you to make sure you're a good fit for us (and us a good fit for you!) along with validating any qualifications and past experience that you have. 

From here we can make contact and organise a discussion on how we can best work together and find you appropriate job roles. 

Thanks for submitting!
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