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Today we have food, water and supplies at our fingertips and forget how to operate in the wilderness, using handmade tools with limited appliances and access to only what the earth provides us. Survival training takes you back to nature and teaches you how to find water, how to navigate, and how to make fire and hunt.

There are also courses for children, including camping and survival. These are bespoke packages and could be 1 day or more, you can stay out overnight for a more complete experience, or come back each day for the training. Please contact us for further details.


Our navigation courses range from 1 day to multiple days on mountainous terrain with a base of theoretical training to ensure maximum confidence whilst you are in rough terrain and ardous regions.

We can arrange for groups to partake in training followed by a short trip to the mountains with qualified expedition leaders to confirm all the theoretical training. Please contact us for further information.

Image by 2 Bro’s Media
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